PBS Services

Power Business Services (PBS) is a market-leader in providing intelligent business information processing services.

These include fully automated, end to end services as follows:

*    inbound mail
*    accounts payable invoice processing
*    statement reconciliation
*    expense claim processing
*    traffic infringement (nominations) processing
*    credit card transaction authorisation.

PBS has over 9 years of experience in providing automated business processing services to our customers.

The company focuses on reducing the operational inefficiencies and high costs incurred in the manual handling and processing of business information and documents. We use our own smart cloud based services – OASIS & NOVA – to provide these 24×7 from anywhere in the world.

PBS was visionary in starting as a cloud-based services provider over 9 years ago, when cloud technology was just emerging.  The company has amassed 9 years of experience in the expert and successful provision of a suite of unique, cloud-based and innovative business services.

PBS specialises in presenting data online from multiple electronic, paper and film sources and enabling the electronic processing of that business information. On completion of the processes, our services export detailed sets of highly accurate data to a variety of destination systems including financial accounting systems; HR & payroll systems; document management systems; property and rating systems; Name and Address databases and CRMs.

The company prides itself on providing significant cost savings to some of New Zealand and Australia’s largest organisations. PBS services are delivered using a suite of proprietary IBM platform software solutions. PBS works closely with its customers to configure a service that best meets their needs. PBS service delivery integrates into all leading accounting and document management systems.

Our Files Online service enables large collections of various files, documents and images to be displayed in a secure online facility for retrieval singly or in groups, by document category, business reference number or customer name. User access is secure, fast and simple.

PBS’ OASIS and NOVA services are used by banks, local and central government organisations, and in the retail, construction and manufacturing sectors and well as in other business sectors.