Business and Workflow Consultancy

consultancyPower Business Services provides experienced consultancy services in a variety of areas that review current business processes and recommend improvements through the use of our automated business workflow processing services.

We also provide effective consultancy in the records management and digitisation areas.

We have extensive experience in these fields and we are truly expert and experienced in areas such as government legislation digitisation compliance, international best practices in business process automation and the automated “harvesting” of data from paper and electronic files for uploading into other computer systems to replace slow and expensive manual data entry into those computer systems.


scanningPower Business Services provides expert and high quality digitisation services for a wide array of paper documents — both A4 and also A3 – A0.

We have a large, high quality fleet of the latest digitisation equipment and specialised software to enhance the quality of the images we scan for our customers.

Our focus is to provide “like for like” images which are as close as possible to the original documents we scan, while enhancing those where an improvement can be made.

All of our scanning methods are also designed around producing images which provide the best results for data extraction.

Our customers all enjoy a very fast turnaround of the transformation of their paper documents into high quality images. 

This includes the ongoing daily or weekly scanning of new incoming documents as well as the scanning of large and small collections of historical paper files (e.g. Eastlight folders full of invoices and customer correspondence).

INTERPRETIVE Data Extraction

dataExtractionOur highly automated data extraction services provide fully accurate, full text and metadata extraction from scanned documents.

We utilise a highly accurate OCR extraction method that is combined with a detailed electronic scrutiny of the extracted text to detect any errors or discrepancies (e.g. supplier invoices with mismatched/incorrect GST values compared to the net and gross values.)

While scanning is an important part of our business, we feel that providing high quality data is even more important than the scanned images it is extracted from.

Proven supplier of online business processing services including:

  • cloud based services (no computer equipment or software purchase required)
  • intelligent automated accounts payable processing
  • financial document transaction processing  eg. expense claim processing, contract management
  • dynamic business workflow design and implementation
  • online workflow processing services
  • scanning rescue services
    …… (rescues failing/failed scanning projects brought to our company to be rescued or completed)
  • records, document and image digitisation and management services
  • provider of high quality scanning and accurate automated data extraction solutions.

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