Business Workflow   (OASIS suite)

oasisOASIS is Power Business Services’ premier web based business processing workflow product.

It is a highly flexible and highly automated product that enables advanced business information and/or document circulation.  OASIS provides automated and manual approval processes built based on the business rules and audit requirements of our customers’ organisations.

Experience has proven that many of the steps currently manually undertaken in the myriad of business processes in any organisation, can be automated through the use of OASIS.  The automation includes the integration of data from other computer systems automatically incorporated into the workflow and checking / approval stages.

Workflow participants can be either internal or external users and participants.  Each action and decision that they make is recorded electronically in the detailed audit trail for that business process.

OASIS boosts our customers’ productivity by increasing the speed at which information or documents of any nature are processed within their organisations. Built on an intuitive and efficient web interface, it is extremely easy to learn and because it is provided as a SaaS based application, it can be deployed quickly and with minimal expense.


NOVAnar  — Database Accuracy Improvement Service
records duplication correction

novanarNOVAnar is a new service that identifies duplicate records that are the same or similar in both a single and also across multiple databases.

NOVAnar enables an organisation to view potentially inaccurate records and correct them quickly and easily.


AutoReg — Automated Registration of Documents

autoregAutoReg is a new service which enables organisations to automatically register documents and spreadsheets created by users, into the organisation’s document management system.

AutoReg removes users’ frustration at having to manually index their documents when saving them into the document management system.


Image Hosting   (Files Online)

files_onlineFiles Online provides an easy to deploy solution to accessing collections of electronic copies of scanned documents.

It is a simple to use, online library service hosted by Power Business Services.  Users simply need to login to our website where they can easily find, view, download or save electronic images.

Images are categorized as per our customers’ individual requirements and each category can be fully customised with the metadata requirements that best meet their needs. With features such as quick filtering and a highly advanced search (including full text search), Files Online is the perfect way to quickly find and access scanned documents.


Inwards Mail Automated Processing   (oMail)

omailoMail is an advanced automated inbound mail processing service.   It enables organisations to save  valuable time and money by using automated detection of the incoming document types to identify the data that is required from the documents (eg. to use as metadata for the organisation’s document management system) and the workflows and actions required to process the individual document types.

oMail processes both incoming paper and also email mail items, and includes handling and detaching email attachments — all done automatically.

oMail has already reduced the mail processing timeframes for 1 Council from 4 people x 7 hours a day to 2 people x 3 hours a day.


Major Digitisation Projects – Tracking & Reporting     (NOVA)

novaNOVA provides a highly advanced project  tracking and metadata matching system that is especially well suited to large digitisation projects. 

It is perfect for customers wanting real time tracking and project reporting on their scanning project.

NOVA also includes an optional advanced automated metadata compilation service and a quality assurance checking and reporting service.

NOVA has a  proven track record in successfully managing and reporting on multi million $ digitisation projects, including the incremental progress towards completion.

It has been, and is used by many Councils who wish to control and keep track of their property file digitisation projects.