Business Workflow (OASIS suite)


OASIS is Power Business Services’ premier web based business processing workflow product.

It is a highly flexible and highly automated product that enables advanced business information and/or document circulation.  OASIS provides automated and manual approval processes built based on the business rules and audit requirements of our customers’ organisations.

Experience has proven that many of the steps currently manually undertaken in the myriad of business processes in any organisation, can be automated through the use of OASIS.  The automation includes the integration of data from other computer systems automatically incorporated into the workflow and checking / approval stages.

Workflow participants can be either internal or external users and participants.  Each action and decision that they make is recorded electronically in the detailed audit trail for that business process.

OASIS boosts our customers’ productivity by increasing the speed at which information or documents of any nature are processed within their organisations. Built on an intuitive and efficient web interface, it is extremely easy to learn and because it is provided as a SaaS based application, it can be deployed quickly and with minimal expense.