Automated Accounts Payable / Supplier Invoice Processing

Our OASIS Automated Accounts Payable solution provides significant time and cost savings for our customers by automating the data extraction of supplier invoices and providing a sophisticated invoice payment authorisation system based on our OASIS Workflow product.

Our Procure to Pay service aims to significantly improve our customers’ productivity by providing an automated end to end process, from the submission and approval of requisition requests through the automated production and dispatch of the resultant purchase orders and the subsequent matching of incoming invoices to the purchase order.

OASIS eliminates the need for manual data entry into the Accounts Payable module of all major accounting systems following the prior processing of the invoices  with rule based payment authorisation and audit tracking.

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Document Scanning / Data Extraction / Image Hosting

Our document scanning and image hosting services provide a turnkey solution for our customers to scan their documents, describe each image using automatically-generated index or metadata, and then easily access and view the scanned images online. We work with a variety of scenarios including large backscan projects of millions of pages to smaller, ongoing jobs where we process only a few hundred pages every month.

Our solution provides an end-to-end service including:

  • The uplift of our customers’ physical files from their premises (e.g. from filing cabinets, lever folders, document storage boxes etc.)
  • The prepping of the files (such as removing staples, unfolding pages, repairing damaged documents)
  • Scanning the documents
  • Extracting the customer’s requested data from the files to an electronic format (we can provide consultancy on planning what data to extract)
  • Uploading the images to our Files Online hosting facility and providing secure logins for multiple users

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eBoard  — electronic Boards of Directors

eBoard provides a fast and secure method to distribute confidential board documents to Board Directors.

Documents are added to the eBoard system directly by the Board administrator or secretary.

Board documents can be made available as soon as they are completed, rather than having to wait for the entire board pack to be ready, giving directors more time to read, digest and consider the contents of each report. 

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Council Property Files Digitisation Service

Power Business Services provides an expert service in the area of the digitisation of Councils’ property files — either parts of, or the entire collection of paper and microfilm files.

With an experienced staff, flexibility for individual requirements and the use of our own proven, designed and developed, intelligent technology, PBS can provide an efficient and highly accurate digitisation service.

Our digitisation service includes an end to end process with files securely transported to one of our scanning centers where they are prepared, scanned and then processed via our smart scanning solution for metadata retrieval, quality checking and readiness for automated upload and integration into each customer’s EDRMS system.

After scanning we can return the digital files in excellent condition (as a result of our thorough preparation processes) or provide long term archival options for the images that have been created.

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Old and faded microfiche images converted into modern good quality images (PDF files).  Quality enhancements made.  Automatic data extraction from the fiche header text.

Secure and innovative Files Online library for high volume image storage and retrieval available.