Document Scanning / Data Extraction / Image Hosting

OASIS can be used to process a number of different types of business documents.

With the Christchurch and the more recent Wellington earthquakes, organisations are realising that loss of the paper information can be sudden and irretrievable.

The fear of this risk is causing these organisations to invest in scanning their important paper documents.


  1. Consent Forms
    We specialise in scanning a range of consent types.   This includes Building & Resource Consents. Consent Forms confirming authorisation / permission granted, can be scanned and indexed by descriptions such as Consent or Client number, and also a name and a date. This makes producing confirmation of a consent that has been granted, can take a few moments to retrieve and view.

    Consent forms can be single or multiple page, and we can scan a variety of page sizes.    We recommend that the forms are scanned in colour, as a faithful reproduction of the original document, inclusive of the signatures.

    More complex, multi-page consents can be separated into individual document types within the consent and linked back to the consent number, whilst also detailing the individual document types within the consent.

    We can include scanning of large format plans (A2 – A0) as part of the scanned collection of documents.

    Scanned consent forms can be printed or sent in an email, as and when required.

  2. Index CardsCustomers such as optometrists, want to ensure that valuable historical information that is contained on the index cards, is protected and made more accessible through being converted into digital images.
    Frequently the information on the card covers a lengthy period of time. It is the only record of the information prior to digitisation.

    PBS can scan and index even the smallest of index cards, including both sides of each card.



    Proof of delivery dockets

    Application forms

    Consent documents

    Paper purchase orders – note: OASIS has its own electronic Purchase Order module as well

    Customer files & documents

    Shareholder files & documents

    Insurance policies

    Building maintenance documentation

    Technical documentation and lab or test results

    Medical files

    In each of these services, OASIS presents both the image and its associated data descriptions online for authorised views to access and view and/or process.