Council Property Files


Power Business services provides an expert service in the area of the digitization of council property files. With an experienced staff, flexibility for individualized requirements and highly intelligent technology, PBS can provide an efficient and highly accurate digitization service. Our digitization service includes an end to end process with files securely transported to one of our scanning centers where they are prepared, scanned and then processed via our smart scanning solution for metadata retrieval and readiness for integration into the customer’s EDRMS system. After scanning we can return files in excellent condition (as a result of our thorough prepatory process) or provide long term archival options.


Power Business’ service offering is enhanced by our Nova product which allows complete transparency in the scanning process. Nova Scantrac provides a highly advances facility for metadata extraction and matching, quality assurance processes and customer interaction with the entire process.

  • Image quality (our minimum standard is “like for like” with the paper files)
  • Metadata accuracy
    End to end quality & audit of scanning process
    Public Records Act 2005 Digitisation Standards compliance
  • User satisfaction
  • Full compliance with the digitisation standards of the Public Records Act 2005
s02The company’s team of skilled, property file scanning consultants has provided expert property file scanning consultancy and scanning services to city and district councils around New Zealand. PBS’ senior scanning consultants have worked on a wide variety of major property file scanning projects including: Tauranga City Council; North Shore City Council; Manukau City Council and Thames Coromandel District Council. Our scanning consultants have designed and provided both in-house and outsourced property file digitisation solutions for the Councils noted above. Our service includes a strong focus on:

Scan on Demand and Urgent Scan on Demand user requests for files

s02Through our ScanTrac system we can provide the users with a “Scan on Demand” and “Urgent Scan on Demand” online request facility, accessible via the internet. This enables users to request any files that we have onsite, and to then be able to track the progress of the file through the preparation / queued for scanning / scanning phases and inclusive of QA, to the point where the electronic file is returned to them.

Provision of high quality images:

s03We pride ourselves on creating high quality, legible images that in many cases are better than the original, through the darkening of faint text, or the removal of speckling or other background “noise” that interferes with information on the paper page. Our process includes both physical and computer based enhancements that can provide high quality images even when the paper original is in poor condition.

Achieving the successful upload of both images and extracted data into backend EDRMS systems

An integral part of our service is the successful upload of both images and data into a wide range of backend systems.
We can provide datafile format and content to exact specifications.