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Power Business Services solve your process automation and digitalisation challenges with fast, accurate, easy, secure and seamless solutions.

Power Business Services is a market leader in providing intelligent business information processing services.

Founded in 2007, our team provides consultancy services and solutions to automate business processes.

Our purpose is to reduce the operational inefficiencies and high costs incurred in the manual handling and processing of information and documents. All our solutions are cloud-based and have been since our inception.

You can benefit from:

  • The very best features
  • Support of an experienced team
  • A solution that’s 100% tailored to you

Clients We Support

Our team has considerable experience working with:

Local Governments / State Governments


Large Retailers


Utility Providers


How We

Work With You

When it comes to choosing an automation and digitisation partner, the solution is just as important as how it’s implemented.

When you partner with us, we get to know your – pain points, current processes, desired future, barriers to success, work environment, team and much more. Proper planning prevents poor performance, and so we never rush this stage!

A Change Management expert and process specialists will work with you to:

What’s your

measure of success?

Let’s start with the business case

Making the move to an automated and paperless environment is a big step for any organisation, and so having a clear vision of success is vital.

Clearly defined KPIs, measurable ROI and pilot testing is vital for a successful outcome.

Have complete faith in

your solution


your solution

Benefit from new updates and functionality as we continually invest in our proprietary software. Add on other modules like:
Make it easy on your team