Get all the checks and balances you need for accurate and secure invoice processing

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Automated Accounts Payable Processing

If you can describe your workflow, we can replicate it electronically

Power Business Services offers a sophisticated end-to-end accounts payable processing solution, with scanning, data extraction, purchase order matching and workflow approval all in one. Approved invoices are exported directly into your accounts payable system.

Get all the checks and balances you need for accurate and secure invoice processing.

Flexible enough to work in the most demanding of environments, with market-leading accuracy and a highly configurable approval process that adapts to your requirements.

Key features include:

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Not all automatic account payable systems are the same

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Be sure to get the best solution for more transparent, accurate and efficient invoice processing.

Get greater visibility over invoice processing

  • Safely store millions of accounts payable documents, with users able to access and approve invoices 24/7 anywhere
  • View supplier invoices faster. Know where each invoice is at in the approval process. Access reports and statistics on volumes, resolution rates and other productivity indicators as set by your team.
  • Get an up-to-the minute accrual value on invoices being processed. Real-time spend visibility gives you control over your invoices and allows for improved cash-on-hand planning and forecasting.

Have complete faith in your data

Power Business Services innovative, proprietary software matches invoices against purchase orders on a line by line basis and identifies discrepancies at any stage of the process.

  • Reduce reliance on manual processes, with robust checks and balances in place
  • Automatically check and resolve discrepancies
  • Pay your invoices on time, confident they are correct
  • Avoid being ‘short-changed’ for deliveries and be confident you’ve received precisely what you’ve ordered

Tight audit controls help protect against fraud and errors with checks in place for bank accounts, approvals and error checking.

Have complete faith in your solution

  • Invest in a mature system that’s proven and trusted by leading businesses and government organisations
  • Solve the majority of your challenges with an ‘out of the box’ solution, while also having the ability to customise to your needs
  • Set new business rules as you need, with an intuitive system that has the ability to ‘learn as it goes’ and apply them

Futureproof your solution

Benefit from new updates and functionality as we continually invest in our proprietary software.

Add on other modules like:

  • Purpose built financial reporting
  • Vendor portal, so vendors can see the processing status of their invoice, and access other ‘Vendor self-help’ functions

Make it easy on your team

  • Benefit from seamless integration to your existing systems without the need to learn a new one. We work with your existing systems, so staff continue to operate in their usual environment.
  • Benefit from the guidance of an experienced Certified Accountant and team of experts. With comprehensive knowledge of most accounting systems, we make sure integration tasks run as efficiently as possible.

Minimise change management risks with pilot testing and active monitoring post go-live to make any adjustments if required.

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