Stay in control of information - get a single source of truth and a reliable search index

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Automated Mail Processing

Get all the checks and balances you need for accurate mail processing

Have complete faith in your data with robust validation controls and accurate, complete metadata.

Power Business Services offer a range of solutions for Automated Mail Processing, from digitising paper files through to a fully automated service with integration to your core system.

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Not all automatic mail processing systems

are the same

Benefit from intelligent mail automation. Smarter, more efficient and accurate, Power Business Services enables your team to:

Stay in control of information – standardised mail naming conventions means you get a reliable search index across all systems.

Improve the quality of metadata – a key strength of our system is how it sorts various correspondence into different systems (CRM, Property, HR, Supplier etc) and enriches the information received with relevant metadata. Increase the quality of metadata, with a faster turn-around for mail processing.

Process mail faster – on average our clients benefit from reduced time to process by 80%. Consolidate workflow steps, while retaining data integrity/without compromising on quality.

Increase staff productivity – Automate over 95% of mail processing tasks. Automate hundreds of incoming mail types. Automate business rules and workflows.

Make it easy on your team – we work with your existing document management system, with no need to learn another one. Sound change management and team engagement helps gain staff buy-in and trust in the process.

No need to set up templates – our intelligent system identifies and extracts metadata from the document and validates it against internal records.

Have complete faith in your data – data extracted is validated for greater accuracy.

Have complete faith in your solution

  • A no-fuss pilot process allows your team to truly evaluate the capabilities of our solution and measure ROI. Use your existing database to validate data extracted.
  • Invest in a mature system that’s proven, and trusted by leading businesses and government organisations.
  • Solve the majority of your challenges with an ‘out of the box’ solution, while also having the ability to customise to your needs.
  • Set new business rules as you need, with an intuitive system that has the ability to ‘learn as it goes’ and apply them.

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