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Document Scanning / Data Extraction / Image Hosting

Power Business Services takes the headache out of managing digitalisation projects.

Partner with a team of digitalisation experts who take care of everything for you. Get all the features and support you need, with a solution that’s 100% tailored to you.

Key features include:

Get the very best digitalisation solutions for your organisation and a dedicated team of experts working in your best interest. Make it easier on your team, with seamless integration to your existing systems without the need to learn a new one.

We resolve these

pain points

Paper records or digitalisation? Why make the move?

Moving from a paper-based record-keeping system to a digitalised one becomes a priority for many businesses when they:

How it Works

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Not all systems are the same

Get The Best

Be sure to get the best solution for quick, easy access to accurate information.

Power Business Services digitalisation service is not the same as scanning documents and giving them a title.

Precise, accurate metadata extraction and data quality validation is just one of the key points of difference with our service; but there are many more.

Realise the full potential of digitalisation with a – highly automated, document imaging, processing, tracking and metadata creation system.

No interruption to business – it’s business as usual, as our team works on your project in the background.

No need to learn a new system and little to no integration required – we work with your existing systems, so staff continue to operate in their usual environment.

Full visibility of project tracking – so you can see what is digitalised at any point of time in the project.

Full capture of information – we manage the communication around any missing metadata, to ensure the complete and accurate capture of information, with validation controls.

Your document management system or ours – if you don’t have a document management system of your own, we offer the ability to store images and metadata for you.

Faster processing – digitalise tens of thousands of documents in a matter of weeks, with the possibility of scanning on demand services; so essential files can be made available in under a couple of hours.

Digitalisation experts – get the support of experienced teams dedicated to file preparation, scanning, metadata extraction, quality control and project management.

Change management, risk management and team engagement specialists – careful consideration is given to change management and team engagement, for improved buy-in and risk management.

Clearly defined KPIs, measurable ROI and pilot testing for a successful outcome

  • Current process and desired future mapping is undertaken, with cost and time saving analysis
  • Requirements, barriers and enablers of project success are defined in conjunction with your team
  • A pilot ensures your requirements are met, and the solution is accurate and works as intended with potential issues and gaps ironed out
  • KPIs are set to guide the speed and quality of the projects delivery

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Get the benefits of automating business processes and going paperless, with the very best features and a solution that’s 100% tailored to you.

Partner with a team of proven experts who take care of everything for you.

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